Fix Your Leaks & Find Your Flow - Becca Piastrelli
Fix Your Leaks & Find Your Flow

I was avoiding the little things.

Those itty bitty tasks and situations that were niggling at me like the tag on the inside of a t-shirt, but I could never make them important enough to actually resolve.

As a lifelong do-er, it’s the striving that often woos me. I want to accomplish the bigger things, so I naturally keep paddling furiously in the hope that I’ll make it to shore, victorious.

But you can’t paddle your boat to shore when it’s leaking.

Energy leaks - they’re something to pay attention to - because they make all the striving that much more exhausting. And you cannot create your great work in the world if you are exhausted and your boat is leaking.

Energy leaks are the small, annoying things that we tend to avoid because our attention is on accomplishing the bigger things.

But these smaller things add up to pretty big impact. Think about the power of the mosquito in society right now with the Zika virus...or the agony caused by a little sliver.

Every time you make repeated contact with that small aggravating task or situation, you are making a subconscious choice to endure it. And when you endure it, it triggers a leak of energy, resentment, and general bad vibes.  We direct our energy outward in blame or inward towards ourselves, when all we really need to do is address it.

When you acknowledge the things, people, projects, and patterns that are sucking your energy and take time to fix them, you are widening your vision and ability move forward with your great work in the world. Suddenly, you have more energy (and time!) to devote to your passion projects and creative dreams. The striving starts to feel less like work and more like joyfully doin’ the damn thing.

Energy leaks are usually really easy to fix - bringing near instant relief and freshness to help you focus on the big stuff.

Does the idea of fixing your energy leaks fill you with a sense of dread and a deep desire to avoid it at all costs?

Try this….

Grab a journal and make a list of all the energy leaks you can think of right now it your life.

Circle the energy leak that is having the biggest effect on you right now. You know which one it is.

Next to that energy leak, write out what that leak is costing you in your life.

For example:

For me, it was the back room/man cave/potential shared office space in my house. I kept saying I would get to it but the idea would overwhelm me and I never did. It was costing me my energy, feeling proud and inspired in my space, and my ability to feel in flow in my work and passion projects.

Now, on a new page, write out the specific actions you will take to fix that energy leak.

For example:

Clear out anything that doesn’t spark joy and recycle/donate

Consult a friend on Feng Shui and the best layout for the room

Go shopping for things to brighten up the space

Spend an afternoon organizing and placing everything in there

Then do those actions. Close the leak, girl!

Let’s witness each other in courageously fixing the biggest energy leak on our list this week. In the comments below, tell us what energy leak you are going to tackle head on and let us hold you lovingly accountable.

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Fix Your Leaks & Find Your Flow

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