Finding Your Creative Spirit Guardian

It’s OK to desire protection of your most sacred work.

A few weeks ago, a sister in the creative sisterhood posted a brief article from Austin Kleon talking about appointing a guardian spirit to his beloved journal – to watch over things and keep his ideas sacred.

Austin ended up choosing Emily Dickinson to be the latest guardian of his words, with this inscription, “In this short life that only lasts an hour. How much – how little – is within our power.”

So many of us in our sisterhood immediately took to this idea – connecting to a person (living or dead) that we really resonated with and assign them the sacred task of watching over our creative work. We didn’t restrict this to journals – a florist in our group chose someone to watch over her studio.

I chose one to watch over my hands (my most beloved and precious tool of my creative life).

That creative spirit guardian is Frida Kahlo.


Frida stepped into my world (and my dreams!) to become my creative muse over the past year. I’ve been so enamored with her bold, authentic expression of her artistry – even if it made some people uncomfortable. She lived life passionately, and believed in truth about all else.

You deserve the best, the very best, because you are one of the few people in this lousy world who are honest to themselves, and that is the only thing that really counts. – Frida Kahlo

As someone who spent a good portion of my life shrinking myself down to be more palatable and acceptable to other people’s definition of good, Frida serves as a spirit guide for the greatest expression of ME.

To call her spirit more into my life, I dressed as her for Halloween.

So now I ask you – who can be your creative spirit guardian? Who can watch over your paint brushes, your laptop, your journals, and your heart when you dream?

There are no rules here, so go with who comes to you first. Then, find a way to honor them.

Print a photo, record a quote, place their name on your fridge or sacred altar. Ask them for guidance when you need it. To move through writer’s block or self-doubt. To protect your heart as you share a tender piece of yourself that needs expressing. To keep you focused as you are in the final steps of finishing a project.

You don’t have to go at this alone, sister. Invite into the process those who inspire you most.

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