Facial Oil Blend for Combination Skin

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facial oil blending

My life changed the day I discovered the beauty of moisturizing with oil.

I come from the zit cream generation that wanted oil-free everything on my face for fear of clogging a pore and making my acne-prone face even oilier. But what I was actually doing to my face was drying it out so much that it was producing more oil. That's the thing about cleansing and moisturizing with oils - it is your friend! Like meets like, and the skin's dermis is brought back into balance.

Since I started washing my face with honey and coconut oil, and moisturizing it with oil, the appearance of my skin has vastly improved. My skin feels petal soft - like its thirst has finally been quenched after years of depriving it.

Sometimes I treat myself to high quality moisturizing oil blends (my favorite is The Youth Dew by May Lindstrom Skin), but most of the time I just blend my own facial oils. It's cheaper, and I know exactly what's going on my body since I made it myself.  There are literally hundreds of different oil combinations that could work to make a facial serum, but today I'm going to share with you my basic formulation for combination skin (think T-Zone troubles).

The oils we're using are:

Jojoba Oil - My go-to base oil that works well with all skin types. It's great for healing inflamed skin while also softening and moisturizing.

Rosehip Seed Oil - A divine smelling, highly regenerating oil that smoothes lines and reduces scarring and redness.

Carrot Seed Oil - Improves skin tone while treating discoloration and sun damage.

Lemon Oil - Antiseptic and toning, great for cleaning out clogged pores.

Calendula Oil - Super healing and ultra moisturizing.

Facial Oil Blend for Combination Skin

Fill a small jar (mine is a 9 oz. Weck mold jar) 1/3rd of the way with the jojoba base oil. Add in 15 drops each of the calendula and rosehip seed oils. Then add in 5 drops each of the carrot seed and lemon oils. Cap your jar and shake well, then open and smell - making sure the lemon isn't too overpowering (if it is, add in more of the other oils). Test the oil on the back of your hand. It should soak in easily, smell lovely, and you should love the way it feels. Pour into small dropper bottles, and store in cool, dark cupboard for up to 6 months.

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