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A couple of weeks ago, I decided to infuse some vodka with fresh ingredients!

Infusing vodka is easy - similar to olive oil. I'll show you:

infusing vodka ingredients

I infused vodka with 4 ingredients this time: grapefruit, mint, orange, and blueberry. If you are using citrus (like grapefruit or orange) use the peel of the fruit to infuse flavor. For the mint and blueberry, I just chopped them up. Place the ingredients into a jar that you can tightly seal.

infusing vodka

Pour the vodka over the ingredients.

fruits for vodka infusion

Tightly cover the jars and place them in cool, dark place for at least a week. I let these jars sit 2 weeks.

infusing vodka

As you can see, the flavors (and colors!) have mixed with the vodka and smell delicious!

straining vodka

Strain the ingredients out of the vodka.

infusing vodka straining out infusions

Now your vodka is packed with flavor and ready to use in your next cocktail.

bottled infused vodka

I picked up these bottles at craft store on clearance, and the labels from The Plaid Barn (my latest daily deal obsession for crafts). They're corked up and ready to go - add a little fizzy water and a splash of lime!

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