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Several years back, my husband and I committed to phasing out toxic cleaning supplies and phasing in eco-friendly cleaners in our home. While lovely smelling and pretty products by companies like Method are nice, it saves us quite a bit of money to make our own. I discovered how to make an after-shower spray and thought I would share. Spraying this in the shower once a day has prevented mold and mildew build up (thanks to antibacterial miracle workers white vinegar and the potent tea tree oil).

Easy, Non-Toxic Shower Spray Recipe

3 Easy Ingredients:

2 cups Water

1 cup Distilled White Vinegar

25 drops Tea Tree Oil

DIY, Homemade Non-toxic Shower Spray using White Vinegar and tea tree oil.

You can purchase tea tree oil at Trader Joe's.

Place all the ingredients in a spray bottle and shake it up.

I keep a bottle in the bathroom, and spray it around the shower after every use.

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