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I've received several requests to post a bit more about DIY, non-toxic cleaning products, so I thought I could make today's post about an easy, germ killing spray you can make at home.

Hydrogen peroxide is completely safe to use, odorless and non-toxic. It kills 99% of germs - I'll take that over bleach.

measuring ingredients for germ spray


1 cup Hydrogen Peroxide

1/2 cup water

1 sprayer

mixing germ killing spray

Combine the ingredients into a glass measuring cup, and pour into your sprayer. I'm not using the most ideal sprayer in these photos, as hydrogen peroxide is light-sensitive. I recommend a more opaque sprayer to preserve the solution.

killing germs in house

  Once week (especially during cold season), I spray all the commonly touched places in our apartment.

non-toxic cleaning solutions

Places like doorknobs, cabinet and fridge handles, countertops, and light switches.

Do you have any other DIY cleaning recipes to share? On Friday, I'll share another favorite of mine!

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