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gin Cocktail recipe

The Negroni is my new cocktail obsession! Sipping one makes me feel so European, like I'm on holiday in Capri watching the sunset. I liken it to a martini - 1 drink does the trick for the whole night.

alcohol for cocktail


1.5 oz Sweet Vermouth

1.5 oz Gin

1.5 oz Campari

Orange twist for garnish

Pouring negroni cocktail

Combine vermouth, gin, and campari in a glass with ice. Add the twist and serve!

twist of lemon

So that is the traditional recipe, but I made some adaptations like using dry vermouth instead of sweet and a lemon twist instead of orange. Maybe I should change the name of my version to The Lazy Dabblist's Negroni.

(Photos by Gina Marie Studios)

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