Creative Tips For When You’re Tapped Out and Have No Idea Where To Start

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A lesson that I am constantly learning is that if I am not showing up in the world as a fully resourced being, then the quality of my work, my relationships, and my health suffers.

Not to mention my creative flow completely runs out, like someone just turned off the tap.

When I talk about being resourced, I am referring to what you need to feel nourished and balanced in the world.

This could mean: nurturing your introverted and extroverted sides with either alone time to recharge or a night out with girlfriends to liven you up. Or it could mean slow and deliberate self care like taking hot baths, getting a massage, going out on date nights with your partner. It even includes the basics for taking care of ourselves physically like drinking enough water, eating nourishing foods, moving your body, and getting enough sleep etc.

I love the metaphor that talks about filling your cup. Because if our bodies and lives are a cup of herbal tea, we cannot give and serve others if it is empty. We can truly only give when our cup is full and overflowing.

One often overlooked and de-prioritized, yet key piece to this self-care pie is nurturing your creativity.

I have spoken to hundreds of women who all tell me the same thing – that the idea of taking time to be creative feels too indulgent or has them feeling guilty for not focusing that time on their work, family, or house responsibilities.

Or maybe you are someone who has to use a lot of your creativity in your career, thus don’t feel like you have it in you to spend time being creative for creativity’s sake {my artists, graphic designers, writers, developers – am I right?}.

But here’s the thing: you are an inherently creative being (whether you know it or not) and nourishing that part of you will only fill your cup even higher, spilling over into every other area of your life where you feel depleted.

I know it can feel counterintuitive, but it works every time.

So, for those of you who are feeling so creatively tapped out and like you have no idea where to start to get back to your creative wisdom, here are a few things to try:

  1. Cultivate a creative practice for you, and no one else. When you can bring back the curiosity and joy to being creative (and throw out the perfects, shoulds, and am-I-doing-it-rights), you can more easily find your flow again. The ray of light that is childlike wonder pierces through the fog of exhaustion and you can remember how fun it is to simply be with your creative muse.
  2. Have a community, a sacred container to flourish and thrive. The beautiful thing about coming into a community of creative women is how their support and love alchemizes fear into bravery, doubt into empowered choice, and isolation into joyful sisterhood. They can hold you accountable for your dreams, help you stay on your path, and love you through every twist and turn along the way. {If you are looking for a community like this, I invite you to join us over in Hearthfire}
  3. Create S P A C E for your creative wisdom. We are living in the noisiest time in history. We can access information instantly, causing the unfortunate side effects of decision fatigue and overwhelm. Your creative muse cannot thrive in so tight a space as that. Consciously choose to bring more space into your life by doing things like going out in nature, journaling, and taking a screen free break in the day.

I’ve found is that it is my soul’s calling to spread the message of creative self-care and sisterhood to women everywhere. I know deep down (in my wise woman heart) that when women come together, amazing things happen.

So I’ve been crafting a program and community where women can come together and, through loving nudges, be lulled into cultivating a creative practice that not only fits into their busy lives, but also enriches them.

If you’re finding that your cup is always empty and would benefit from being part of a community that will help hold the space for you to fill it back up and create a deeper connection with your wise, creative heart, I invite you to join me and your other sisters in Hearthfire.


What about you? How do you feel your cup, creatively? Do you find it’s a struggle to make your creativity a priority? Share in the comments below!

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