Creative Life Hacks for the Crazy Busy & Wiped Out - Becca Piastrelli
Creative Life Hacks For The Crazy Busy & Wiped Out

There are a lot of people on the internet right now talking about manifesting your dream life.

A life where you only have to work four hours per week and spend your days fulfilling your creative dreams like painting all day in your backyard she shed or spending the summer in the south of France drinking rosé in the garden and learning how to make lavender essential oil from hunky french farmhands (or is that just me?!).

And while I’m a total believer that we all have the power to intend and manifest good things into our lives, I’ve also got both feet on the ground and am aware of demands of all of our daily lives.

You’ve got bills to pay and people to show up for even on days you aren’t feeling so hot. As much as you’d like to, you can’t take a year off of your responsibilities to go on your Eat, Pray, Love adventure around the world.

I believe in dreaming big (really big, even!), but I also believe in being practical about the realities of your life right now….just not in a limiting and self-defeating way.

We modern women have a lot on our plates, and usually our own self-care and creative goals are the first items to be tossed aside to keep our lives running smoothly.

...and it is in those moments, of being super busy and creative untapped, that I encourage you to infuse creativity back into your life - starting with your regular, mundane tasks.

That, my friend, is what we call a creative life hack.

Learning to do this will help you realize that creativity doesn’t have to be a goal that is somewhere out there that you constantly berate yourself for not being able to get to, but there it is within your reach on a daily basis.

Off the top of my head, here are 4 ways to funnel more creative energy back into your life when you’re feeling under tapped and burnt out:

1. Create an inspiring work space

As creative women, we are inspired by your environment. I am a far better problem solver and can dream bigger when I am surrounded by beauty than when I am in a cluttered or drab space that doesn’t inspire me in the least. You do your best work when your workspace feeds your creativity, rather than killing it.

Take a look at your workspace (whether it’s a cubicle, a home office, or maybe your car from running around all day) and do something to make it more feel more inspiring. This could be tidying up your desk, adding a vase of fresh flowers, hanging a mini dreamcatcher from the rearview mirror, or placing a candle in the windowsill.

2. Craft nourishing morning and evening rituals

I have found that, when your days are busy and intense and can feel like one day bleeds into the next, it’s the practice of book-ending your days with little rituals in the morning and evening that brings more grounded, calming energy to your everyday life.

As my go-to girl on rituals Maria Molfino, says, morning and evening rituals are about letting go and allowing your body, mind, and spirit to re-align with pleasure and rest in between days of discipline and grit-fueled activities.

A morning ritual could be as simple as drinking a glass of warm lemon water upon waking, doing 5 mins of slow stretching, and writing in a gratitude journal before checking any technology on your phone or laptop.

An evening ritual could be taking a hot bath with essential oils and epsom salts, removing tech from your bedroom, and doing a short meditation before going to bed.

Your rituals could be 30 seconds of one activity or 1 hour of a beautiful ceremony. What matters is that it helps you feel nourished and rejuvenated to take on the day (or the following one) and re-charge your creative batteries for what’s to come. Plus, they are fun to create.

3. Infuse beauty into your meals

We all gotta eat, right?

Even if your schedule is packed to the gills and you feel like you’re running around all day without much room for rest or play, your body still requires you to pause and eat. And this is where you seize your opportunity to creatively hack your busy-ness by playing with your food.

This could look like lighting incense and playing some music while you prepare your food. It could look like lovingly plating your meal in a beautiful, creative way. It could look like filling your plate with the most colorful veggies at the salad bar and admiring nature’s design as you eat them. It could look like trying a new smoothie recipe or saying a blessing before you eat.

Mealtimes are a perfect opportunity for you to infuse beauty and intention back into your life and press reset on your day.

4. Cultivate a passion project on the side that doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with your work or daily to-dos

Studies have shown that developing a hobby or passion project 

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