Your Skin is a Silk Robe {+ Vanilla Coconut Coffee Body Exfoliating Cubes}

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Vanilla Coconut Coffee Body Exfoliating Cubes

I want to talk about your skin.

I came across a beautiful quote last week at my yoga studio - "The body is a sacred garment." 

And I believe the skin is a silk robe.

You don't treat a beautiful silk robe poorly.  You don't get greasy food on it and crumple it up in the corner of your bedroom floor. No, you delicately hang your silk robe on the special hook in your closet, treat it with care and feel like a queen when it adorns your body.

If you really think about it, your skin is miraculous.

It's the largest organ in our entire body and a living system - with hair, nails, glands, and ducts. It acts as a moisture regulator, preventing excessive entry and evaporation of water. It metabolizes and stores fat. It secretes sebum, to lubricate and manage oil balance. It processes salts, urea, water, and toxins though sweating.  In one square inch of skin, you have 65 hairs, 9.5 million cells, 100 oil glands, 19 yards of blood vessels, 650 sweat glands, and 1,300 nerve endings.

So today, I want to talk about treating your skin with the gift of exfoliation and moisture.

You can make these exfoliation cubes really easily with just 2 ingredients: used coffee grounds and coconut oil. Then you can add on with essential oils or powdered herbs (like I'm using today) to boost the impact. I love using the coffee grounds because they are great for reducing the appearance of cellulite and skin discoloration and it's a beautiful way to repurpose after your morning cup of joe. Coconut oil is the wonder ingredient - providing moisture, reducing inflammation, and healing the skin. With this recipe, I added in powdered vanilla bean pods (that had dried out in a mason jar in my cupboard) - which gives a great aromatic experience. It smells a bit like brownies, yum!

Vanilla Coconut Coffee Body Exfoliating Cubes

Vanilla Coconut Coffee Body Exfoliating Cubes

Make sure all the liquid is squeezed out of your coffee grounds, using a filter, sieve, or nut milk bag. Pour the dry grounds into a bowl and add in the coconut oil and powdered vanilla bean. Mix together thoroughly, then spoon into ice cube mold or muffin tin. Place in the freezer for 1 hour to set. Once the cubes have set, pop out and keep in an air-tight container in a cool place (otherwise the coconut oil will melt).

To use, bring a cube with you into the shower and get to scrubbing. The aroma will be invigorating and your skin will be in heaven.

Vanilla Coconut Coffee Body Exfoliating Cubes

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