Coconut Water Facial Mist to Hydrate Oily Skin

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Hydrating Facial Mist for Oily Skin

I was inspired to create this facial mist the other day, after chatting with my dear friend (and professional makeup artist) Melissa.

Melissa works with everyone from editorial models to brides and celebrities and is a strong believer in spritzing on a hydrating facial mist after applying makeup, to allow for powder to settle into the skin. Her favorite misting ingredient? Coconut water!

Fresh coconut water (not that shelf-stable concentrated stuff) is deeply hydrating (without any greasiness), and contains plant growth hormones called cytokinins. Cytokinins encourage tissue cell growth, making coconut water a secret ingredient for anti-aging.

This special concoction is a mixture of coconut water, witch hazel, and rosewater - making it particularly appropriate for hydrating oily, acne-prone skin while also being gentle to skin sensitivities.

Hydrating Facial Mist for Oily Skin

Combine coconut water, witch hazel, and rosewater in a glass spray bottle, and shake vigorously. Spray as needed - I like to spray after applying moisturizer and again after applying makeup.

Store in the refrigerator, and it will last up to 2 months.

Hydrating Facial Mist for Oily Skin

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