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back when I was known as The Dabblist and was exploring all sorts of ways I could create beautiful things with my hands. It was a powerful time for me — awakening my creativity after suppressing it for so long — but this space has since evolved to reflect the woman I’m becoming.

With the holiday season on our doorsteps, I'm drawn to tradition. Now that I've been made an honest women, I have another family's cultural traditions to honor. My husband is of Italian and Polish descent, and for Christmas one year, his mother gave me a book of recipes from the Polish side of the family. Such a great gift! One of the recipes that caught my eye was for Chriescike cookies. Also known as Chrusciki or Polish Angel Wings, it is a simple recipe for a light a fluffy pastry...almost like a donut. This is my husband's great grandmother's recipe, and I humbly share it with you.


6 egg yolks

3 tbs cream

1 1/4 c. flour (I used gluten free Cup4Cup)

1/4 tsp salt

1 tbl vanilla or grated lemon rind

powdered sugar (for dusting)

Mix all ingredients, knead dough and roll out thin. Cut into long squares. Slit center of each square and fold one end through.

Deep fry in cooking oil or butter. It will "puff up." When it turns light golden brown, take out of oil and roll in powdered sugar.

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