Homemade Chai Spice Candle

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You’ve landed on a post I wrote a few years ago -
back when I was known as The Dabblist and was exploring all sorts of ways I could create beautiful things with my hands. It was a powerful time for me — awakening my creativity after suppressing it for so long — but this space has since evolved to reflect the woman I’m becoming.

Homemade Chai Spice Candle

This fall is straight busy for me.

And not busy in the sense that I am unhappily overwhelmed with things I do not want to do. No, I am busy doing and being the things I couldn't have imagined a year ago.  I am hosting events in my home and community that are helping women reconnect to their inner dabblist and find joy in working with their hands again. I am creating a holiday program filled with every fiber of my heart and soul. I am traveling to see friends and loved ones. I am coaching with incredible beings who are creating lives and businesses that nourish them inside and out. I am writing you from my couch with my sweet kitty snoring beside me. Life is pretty good.

But...I haven't totally been practicing what I preach.

On Monday morning, after a full weekend of running a day retreat and filming for my holiday program, I woke up with intense pain running up and down my back and neck. I couldn't walk without looking like a robot and winced whenever I had to turn my head.

My body was saying "Stop! Pay attention to me!"

And I had no choice but to do that. I had to clear my calendar - rescheduling clients, canceling calls, and focusing 100% on what I needed to feel better. That meant getting bodywork,  a lot of sleep, drinking water and healing bone broth, seeing the chiropractor, and doing restorative yoga poses thanks to a friend who gives virtual yoga and pilates classes.

It took an intense amount of pain for me to wake up to the fact that my body needs (and deserves) care above anything else.

And while I am doing all these wonderful, soul nourishing things in my life right now, I still have some old habits to shed around care and nourishment of my body. After 3 days of serious body-loving treatment, I'm starting to feel like myself again. And I've recommitted to my daily practices of self-care (meditation, eating all 3 meals, moving my body, journaling, gratitude practice, singing to my plants, etc) as a means of preventing something like this from happening again.

Have you ever had a major body wake-up call? What changes did you make because of it? Share in the comments below, sister!

Homemade Chai Spice Candle

Homemade Chai Spice Candle

  • Beeswax (pastilles or freshly grated)
  • Wick
  • Container for candle (I used a mason jar)
  • Chopsticks
  • Powdered spices: ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg

Place wick in your jar and secure between 2 chopsticks with some tape. Measure out your beeswax (use double the size of your container) and place it in a glass container in a shallow water bath over medium heat. Heat until fully melted. Remove melted wax from heat and let sit for 3-5 mins. Then add in spices and mix until well combined. Pour into your candle container, being sure not to disturb the wick, and let cool. Once cool, remove the chopsticks, snip the wick and your candle is ready.

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