Celebrating the Makers - Becca Piastrelli

Here at The Dabblist, our philosophy is that everyone is a maker.

We all have a creative side - an inner artist - that, when given the opportunity to be expressed, will flourish and thrive. As someone who has been working to identify my artistic side for years now, I can attest to this being totally true.

We are all makers.

And what keeps me motivated and inspired is the work from the talented makers and artisans  around the world who have boldly chosen to present their art to the world.

So today, I’d like to take a moment to celebrate the makers and share with you my current favorite makers and their amazing pieces and works.

Celebrating the Makers

{From right to left. Top Row: Chelsea Petaja, Brigitte May, Dori Midnight. Second Row: Morgan Botanicals, While Odin Sleeps, Heath Ceramics. Third Row: Forest Feast, Herriott Grace, Katie Daisy. Bottom Row: Fat and the Moon, Love Birds LA, Holy Sponge}

My 2 favorite artist illustrators are Chelsea Petaja (her handwriting is mesmerizing) and Aussie Brigitte May. I have prints from both these talented ladies in my cottage home.

Dori Midnight makes these enchanting herbal charmed honeys, infused with organic herbs, flower and gem essences and a spell to support or sweeten your desires, wishes, and dreams. She sources her honey from a beekeeper that harvests honey using flower essences instead of smoke (meaning the bees are in flower ecstasy as opposed to smoke-induced trauma). She has honeys for fertility, abundance, hot sex, and love.

Jessica Morgan is a Colorado-based herbalist that runs Morgan Botanicals. I am a member of her herbal CSA. Each month, I get a package of herbal remedies to my doorstep along with a love note from her.

Austin-based Lauren makes gorgeous jewelry under the name While Odin Sleeps. Her work is stunning and one-of-a-kind.

Heath Ceramics started as a homegrown company in my neighboring town of Sausalito in 1948, and is uber popular with the design crowd. I love browsing their factory store and snatching up little bud vases and tiles that didn’t quite come out perfect from the kiln.

Erin from the gorgeous blog Forest Feast is a super talented photographer and illustrator (her cookbook is a work of art!). She just came out with lovely paper meal planners and placemats.

The father-daughter story behind Herriott Grace is so endearing and inspirational. He crafts hand-carves and hand-turned wooden objects in his Victoria, BC studio and she helps market it to us beauty-craving folk.

Katie Daisy’s illustrations are a whimsical, nature-loving girl’s dream. The first etsy print I ever bought was her rendition of the Thorough quote, “All good things are wild and free.”

Rachel Budde of Fat and the Moon is an herbal witchy goddess lady who lives by the ocean and crafts incredible products that my skin adores. I’m a big fan of her deodorant cream and pimple mud.

Love Birds LA crafts some of the most beautiful handbags I’ve ever seen from textiles gathered from Peru, Thailand, and the Philippines.

The women behind Holy Sponge are inspiring and lovely. They introduced me to the world of sea sponges for your menstrual cycle. They also make lovely cramp balms (presented in a sea shell!) and moon calendars to track your cycle.

What about you? Do you have any favorite etsy shops, designers, or artists? I want to know about them! Share them in the comments below.


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