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Have you heard of Bulletproof® Coffee? My husband introduced it to me several months back as a "coffee you put butter in that is good for you." I was intrigued, and researched my little heart out!

Turns out, there's something to this buttery coffee. Inspired by Tibetan yak butter tea, this coffee includes healthy fats we so often starve our bodies of. That's really what the introduction of this coffee into my life has taught me - that we actually do need more healthy, naturally-occurring fats in our daily diet. The reason I know this? One cup of this coffee is never enough. It's like my body craves it. And not just for the caffeine rush.

Drinking this coffee leaves me more alert throughout the day without the typical caffeine crash. I use high quality, chemical-free coffee beans (these are awesome), unsalted grass-fed butter (because corn or soy-fed cows can't produce butter with the same level of healthy fats as grass-fed), and high quality coconut oil (also an incredible source of fat that feeds your brain and metabolism). I also add in a little extra flavoring, which you'll see in the recipe below. But truly, this coffee is pretty life-changing. I've been struggling with my love of coffee for several years now. I love it. But I don't love the jitters and the crash from cheap, poorly produced coffee from the corner coffee shop when I'm rushing into work. Now, I get up 15 mins earlier to start my day with this magical brew, and the sustained increase in my mental clarity is worth it alone.

My Magical Morning Coffee

Brew your coffee. Place all your ingredients in your cup or a blender. Add coffee and blend until frothy (you can use a milk frother,  hand blender or standing blender).  Garnish with a mint leaf (if you have one)!

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