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The Wisdom of the Wrong Teapot

When I first came into community with the witchy/woo-woo women of my town, I was so terrified that I didn’t belong. They all had different body types from me, wore flowy knit dresses and long beaded earrings from the same maker I had never heard of, and drank tea from...

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Refusing Isolation

Did you know this time we are living in is being called "The Age of Loneliness"? Yes, we have such prosperity with our technological advances—many of which I am super grateful for and rely upon on a daily basis. We can connect to each other with our phones and laptops...

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Remembering How to Heal

It was my turn to share, and I immediately felt the tears begin to well up and my chest tighten with that familiar protective instinct. It was if my body was asking me, “Is this a safe place to let go and cry? Can I really, truly share my deepest darkest truth in this...

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How to Connect with Your Ancestral Lineage

The question I am asked most often these days has to do with the hows of connecting more deeply with your ancestral lineage. How do I connect to the lands and rituals and traditions of my ancestors? How can I use the results of an ancestry test to translate them into...

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Lessons from a Year of Emergence

For the past several years, I’ve had a ritual of sitting down and taking stock of the last year: the highs, the lows, and the lessons learned. The first two times I did it, I wrote specifically about my experience and adventures of being a new business owner (you can...

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{VIDEO} Winter Folk Medicine & Magic with Liz Migliorelli

I have learned that it is good to begin by naming your place and people. I am currently writing this blog post in the town of Mill Valley in California, on the occupied lands of the coastal Miwok people. My people are almost entirely from the European continent,...

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Re-enchanting Winter with Apple Cider Wassail

The sweet and faithful apple has been re-enchanting me during these darker autumn days. The apple is such a quintessential representation of autumn to me. Right now, I’m seeing so many of us wearing our best plaid flannel outfits and wanting to go apple picking, drink...

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Autumn is the season of making {+ beeswax candle dipping}

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a handful of conversations with friends who have described the energy of the past week as overwhelming, rollercoaster-y, and unnerving. Beyond the obvious indicators of upheaval and strife that are hitting the news headlines...

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