Becca’s Guide to a Holiday Gift Making Party

A Handmade Holiday

As you probably know by now, I’m passionate about rewriting the rules on holiday gift giving and spreading the word about the magic of making gifts for your loved ones instead of overspending on a gift that doesn’t have much meaning.

I also want you to know how important it is that the time you spend making your gifts feels really special and sacred. That’s because the love and good intentions you want your loved ones to feel when they receive their gift starts with the delight you feel in putting the gift together.

This making time is just as much a gift to you as it is to your loved ones, and it just takes a little curating to set the scene.

What do I mean by that?

Craft the tone of your making time to feel truly pleasurable. Light some candles, simmer some hot apple cider, and invite over some girlfriends.

As you’re sipping your warm beverage in the flickering candlelight and giggling with your best girls over inside jokes, you’ll feel your whole body relax. And that makes a big difference compared to rushing through a project while also listening to the news, texting with your spouse, and drying your hair for evening plans. Your gifts will feel as good as you do when you are making them.

I’ve provided a little guide below to help you.

Becca’s Guide to a Holiday Making Party

1. Invite your best girls using a pretty digital invitation from Paperless Post. I find that an official invitation makes it feel more like a special event rather than a text or quick email.

A Handmade Holiday

2. Ensure there is food and drink to nourish your making process and bring a more festive and celebratory mood to your making party. Make it a potluck, encouraging everyone to make their favorite seasonal recipe.

If you’re feeling adventurous, I have been eyeing these recipes:

Recipes For A Holiday Party

{Images via 1,2,3,4)

Fig & Thyme Cocktail
Rose Apple Tarts
Homemade honey marshmallows {for a hot chocolate station!}
Taco Cupcakes
A Good Winter Salad
Sliced veggies with this Creamy avocado hummus
Winter Squash Soup

3. Create a playlist to get into a cozy, making mood and out of your crazy to-list headspace from the day. Music is great for helping me set the mood for creative time. I’ve created a playlist just for you right here.

4. Lay out your ingredients and supplies so they are easy to see and locate. I find that a lot of stress around doing a crafty project tends to be relieved when you can see everything you have to work with. It lets your brain know that it’s safe to start playing and exploring its more creative crevices.

A Handmade Holiday

5. Let the making magic unfold. Trust your creative instincts and dive in. Watch how delightful giggles and inspiration bubbles up out of the group. You’ll be sharing ideas, recipes, and bow tying techniques in no time.

I remember the first making party I ever hosted. I was so nervous and trying to have everything *just so* for everyone’s creativity to flow. What I’ve learned over the years is to set the scene, take a deep breath, and allow for the creative magic to happen. It’s truly amazing how much magic happens when women come together and work with their hands.

Images via Rosa Delgado

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