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I try to avoid mayonnaise in my day to day diet but, sometimes (like on a really good BLT), mayo is necessary. Several years back, I discovered the magic of olive oil mayonnaise and, to my delight, I realized I could make it on my own - and infuse with herbal flavors! It has a rich and intense flavor that beats that canned stuff from the store. Below is a recipe for a basil-infused olive oil mayonnaise.

making basil infused mayo

Simple Ingredients:

200 ml Olive Oil

3 Egg Yolks

Juice from 1 Lemon

Sea Salt


how to make basil infused mayo


1. With an electric blender or food processor, beat the 3 egg yolks together.

2. While the blender or food processor is still running, add the olive oil slowly to the beaten eggs. This part is important: make sure the eggs and oil form an emulsion.

3. Add the lemon juice and blend into the egg/oil mixture.

4. Add in the chopped basil, and blend.

5. Season with salt to taste.

homemade basil infused mayo


(Because the mixture contains raw eggs, be sure to keep refrigerated and use within 3 days)

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