Baby’s Bath Herbs

A couple of my girlfriends just went through the beautiful transition of becoming first-time mamas.

I live across the country from them. And, because I can’t come over with pre-cooked meals and ready to hold the baby while they nap, I’ve been sending them care packages of all sorts of potions and goodies for both mama and baby to thrive through these precious beginning days.

I love the look, feel, and scent of this bathtime herb bag. The combination of herbs help to soothe and relax the body when in the bath. {It’s good for mama and dad as much as it is for baby}. And it’s makes an awesome gift.

Let me show you how easy…

Baby’s Bath Herbs

Baby Bathtime Herb Bag

  • 2 parts calendula flowers (like these)
  • 2 parts chamomile flowers (like these)
  • 2 parts comfrey leaf (like this)
  • 1 part lavender flowers (like these)
  • 1 part rose petals (like these)

Mix all of the herbs together in a bowl with your hand.Place a handful in a muslin bag and tie at the top.

When baby is bathing, toss the bag in the water and use the fragrant herbal bag as a washcloth.

(Adapted from Herbal Recipes)

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