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Your Autumn Bucket List to Align with Nature

If you’re like me, you can hear it too.

Autumn is whispering that she’s coming soon, sending little clues that you can feel, smell, and sense all around you - that slight chill in the evening air, the gentle shift in afternoon light, the faint lightening of the leaves from green to yellow.

One of the benefits of being a woman connected to the seasons is that you can feel the subtle shifts of the natural world - beckoning you to move with it to the next phase of this ever-cycling planet we are blessed to live on and slow down your presence of mind and be able to appreciate the turning of the season.

I’ll be the first to admit that seasonal transitions can feel really clunky.

As busy, ambitious women, it’s almost too easy to keep our heads down in our day to day tasks that we don’t notice the subtle, yet powerful shift from one season to the next. And then, whether we’re prepared or not, it hits us upside the head...with a bad cold, total exhaustion, feelings of sadness or regret, etc.

The season of Autumn feels especially powerful - like nature’s little pause so our bodies, minds, and souls can transition into the next phase of living and not jump right in so suddenly.
Spring and summer have a lot more movement in them – with the energies of sprouting, growing, and flowering all around us as we feel expansive and playful.
With the coming of fall and winter, we are turning toward shorter and darker days.

It is time to gather, store, organize, and wind down from summer’s quick tempo and the forward momentum that modern life usually demands. As leaves fall to the ground, they decay and merge with the soil once again. And we, too, will soon be in the process of letting things wither and fall away to gather only what is essential for the winter months.

I believe strongly in cultivating rituals to help you move through transitions and connect you to what it is you deeply desire to create for yourself and this world. And I really love rituals that incorporate your own creativity and working with your hands.

This past weekend, one of the women in The Creative Sisterhood shared that she had spent part of her day off creatively dabbling, and one of the things she made was this beautiful Autumn Bucket List.

fall bucket list

Everyone in The Creative Sisterhood (myself including) became obsessed. It was like something deep within all of us clicked on and the desire to creatively set intentions for the upcoming autumn season felt like a full on YES!

Here's another one from a sister in The Creative Sisterhood:

Bucket List

So I invite you to join us in creating your own Autumn Bucket list in these final summer days before the Autumnal Equinox on September 22nd. Here’s mine:

Bucket List

Have fun with it and use it as an opportunity to get out of your head and channel your inner wise woman by working with your hands. Go a little further than simply writing it in your journal. Paint it. Collage it. Calligraphy it. Doodle it.

When you’ve created your Autumn Bucket List, take a photo and tag me @beccapiastrelli on instagram because I really want to see it!

...and if you’re feeling a smidge overwhelmed and unable to get the juices flowing, here are 50 ideas to add to your own Autumn Bucket List:

1. Bake your favorite fall treat
2. Read a book in front of a fire
3. Wear plaid
4. Have a fall picnic outside
5. Jump in a pile of crunchy leaves
6. Go for a crisp morning walk
7. Watch a witchy movie like A Practical Magic, Harry Potter, or Hocus Pocus
8. Make an herbal cordial with fall flavors
9. Go to a weekend football game
10. Bike to a farmer’s market
11. Go to a real-life pumpkin patch
12. Make your halloween costume
13. Pick apples in an apple orchard
14. Surprise a friend with a homemade pumpkin spice drink
15. Fill your house with candles (or make your own!)
16. Dress in black and howl at the full moon with a bunch of girlfriends on October 16th
17. Admire a man in a peacoat
18. Make an Autumn Spice Body Scrub
19. Sip warm apple cider
20. Have a backyard campfire
21. Go on a hayride
22. Make your own herb infused honey
23. Make a fall wreath for your front door
24. Get ahead of cold season by making cold remedies for your loved ones
25. Buy a cozy new sweater
26. Have a pumpkin carving party
27. Make Maple Bacon Jam (you’re welcome, carnivores!)
28. Have a chili cookoff
29. Harvest herbs from the garden or wild and hang them to dry in your home
30. Collect pine cones
31. Host a friendsgiving
32. Make an easy autumn centerpiece for said friendsgiving party
33. Read a good fiction book (I highly recommend Garden Spells)
34. Attend a street fair
35. Go a corn maze
36. Cook with squash
37. Bake a fall fruit pie (and give it to your neighbor)
38. Host a fall canning party
39. Serve soup in a pumpkin bowl
40. Bundle up in your favorite sweater, scarf, and boots
41. Take family photos for your holiday card
42. Make homemade chai spice tea
43. Go on a fall foliage drive
44. Learn to knit
45. Enjoy the last of your garden and put it to bed for the winter at first frost
46. Paint gourds
47. Roast pumpkin seeds
48. Take a walk in the woods with a journal and see what comes of it
49. Make a scarecrow
50. Honor and give thanks to your ancestors

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