{VIDEO} Expressing Your Authentic, Adorned Self

I have found that, whenever I talk about my personal journey into self-love and adorning myself with clothing and accessories that make me feel like a walking work of art, I get a lot of feedback from women wanting to dive deeper into that.

They tell me they want to walk boldly in the world – feeling beautiful and confident in who they are and how they look.

Me – feeling myself and telling the world.

But so much can get in the way of that: feeling like your body isn’t where you want it to be, not knowing what your personal style is, not feeling confident to wear that red lip or face paint or bright top, or having to combat the voice of your inner mean girl telling you nasty things day in and day out.

I totally get it, because I’ve dealt (and still deal) with all of those and more. And so has my dear friend, Aussie personal stylist and life coach Shelley Cohen.

I first met Shelley a few years ago over a girls brunch (followed by an afternoon spa session where we got real close, real quick in the steam room) and I immediately fell in love with how authentic and real this fashion and beauty girl was.

She shared with me her philosophy about how style is a portal into self-care and self-love and I was like preach, sister!

Shelley has helped me tremendously in helping me express the many sides of me – the ancient wise woman, the moon goddess, the girl boss, the wife and lover, the fitness girl, etc. She truly sees me for who I am and has encouraged me to adorn myself in a way that feels so good and not copying any sort of trend that has made me feel stifled in the past.

Shelley and I sat down for a fun little chat about style, adornment, self-love, the damaging effect the beauty and media industry has on little girls’ sense of self-worth, our own stories of struggle, and so much more.

Some snippets of what we talked about:

6:40 Comparisonitis and the manipulation of the beauty and advertising industry to make us feel like crap about ourselves.

8:25 The single most important question you can ask yourself to help you with getting ready in the morning.

11:15 Giving yourself permission to play your range in the expression of who you are and not feel pressured to be put in a box.

14:05 Our experiences with body and style as little girls, including some really vulnerable and painful moments.

23:30 Our love for the word “adornment” and how beauty rituals were practiced by women for thousands of years as a way of embodying the goddess within.

29:00 Shelley’s recommended rituals for self-love and stamping out your inner mean girl.

40:00  Our tips for bringing out your inner goddess in your adornment and style.

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Shelley and I want to hear from you!

What are some your takeaways from our conversation? How are you going to apply what we discussed to your own personal style and adornment rituals?

Leave a comment below.

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