Are You Listening To The Whispers?

Are You Listening To The Whispers

I’ll never forget that moment.

I was dressed in a vibrant green sarong, sitting in a circle of women, overlooking the rice fields of rural Bali when the idea hit me like the bolts of lightning I could see over the mountains in the distance.

I will tell you it took serious work to clear my schedule for two weeks of travel and being offline, major guts to fork over the money for the plane ticket, and deep devotion to the whispers of my inner wise woman to get me to that moment. A moment where I could quiet the noise of the overwhelm and anxiety and the shoulds and the must-dos and intently listen in.

I had spent years developing my own understanding of my mission in this world, but struggled to fully comprehend what I was meant to do with it – how I was meant to serve.

I knew it had to do with empowering women to be creative and take courageous action through a dabblist mindset and bringing them together in sisterhood. But I grappled with the how of it all.

It wasn’t until that morning in Bali, sitting in a circle of deeply intentional (and slightly sweaty) women committed to supporting each other in our highest truth that everything started to piece together.

I spoke the words out loud, “I want to create a creative sisterhood for women all over the world to connect with their creative wisdom – a creative collective.”

As soon as I said it, I felt a shiver run down my spine and many of the women nodded with affirming sounds. This was powerful. This was truth.

Emboldened by the support of my sisters, I took courageous action. From that moment on, my path was clear. I worked many months to intentionally craft the community that is now known as The Creative Sisterhood.

And, in the several weeks since its birth, I can see just how powerful this vision and intention I set in Bali really was.

I’m overwhelmed and delighted by the ease with which these women (from all over the world who never met each other before) have come together in a space of generosity and community.

We’ve got women sending each other extra fabric and magazines to each other, sending each other handmade gifts, sharing favorite supplies, crochet patterns, recipes and podcasts with each other.  We’ve got women sharing karaoke dance party videos, starting blogs and creative businesses, and even sharing costumed selfies with each other.

And we’re going deeper – which makes my heart sing.

The women are reaching out for support with the tougher stuff in life – losing jobs, fear around money, recovering from health scares and medical traumas.

One woman shared an ancient indigenous practice for cultivating dream recall and interpretation.

Another woman shared a poem describing the journey of discovery they’ve made in the few weeks since joining.

Another woman shared that she was going through storage and found crafts she made 50 years ago that connected her to beloved (and forgotten) memories of her mother.

Then there was the woman who went on a run in the pouring rain and excitedly shared with the group how amazing, fresh, and alive she felt.

This is the power of our collective

This is what happens when creative women come together. They remember their own wisdom, connect to their intuition, and begin to creatively express themselves. This is the healing work of dabbling in sisterhood. I am honored to hold the space.

…and it all started with a whisper. One that I could have easily been too busy, too overwhelmed, or too scared to listen to.

What whispers are inside of you? Is there some message your inner wise woman is telling you? Let us witness you in your truth. Share in the comments below, sister.

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