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I had myself a little ALMOND PARTY this weekend.

I'm beginning to realize just how many things you can make from nuts. So, fair warning, this is likely the beginning of a long series of nut-related recipe posts. Up today - almond butter!

raw almonds for almond butter

Since I purchase this delicious protein-filled creamy delight by the jar on a weekly basis, I thought it was worth a shot at making it myself. Turns out, like most things I'm dabbling in, it's not that hard.


1 bag of raw almonds (about 2 cups)

Pinch of Salt

4 tbsp light flavored oil (I used Canola, but think Almond Oil might be the best)

toasting almonds for almond butter

Place the almonds on a cookie sheet, and bake for 5-10 mins at 500 F. Be sure to not burn the almonds. If you burn your nuts, start over.

blending up almond butter

Place your roasted almonds in a food processor with a punch of salt and start her up!

almond butter in food processor

Blend, blend, blend until creamy.

blended almond butter

This will take a while, but you'll start to see the almond meal sticking together and releasing its oil.

almond butter in food processor

I like my almond butter really smooth, so I added a bit of canola oil to help it along the way.

almond butter in mason jar

That's it! Creamy, delicious almond butter that tastes WAY better than the stuff from the store. Easy, right?

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