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After I learned that most body lotions contain more water and chemicals than nourishing oils, I switched to applying oil directly to my body after the shower. This after-shower spritzing oil absorbs quickly, smells lovely, and helps with those harder to reach areas. Almond and olive oil are your skin's best friend!


4 oz. Olive Oil

4 oz. Sweet Almond Oil

15 drops Lavender Essential Oil

ingredients for after shower spritzing oil

Pour the olive and almond oils into the bottle using a funnel.

(you can purchase almond oil at any Whole Foods/natural food store or online!)

pouring oil for shower spritz

Add in the essential oil (I love lavender, but you can add others like Geranium or Rose)

pouring essential oils for shower spritzer

Shake it up, and keep it in your bathroom!

spraying on after shower spritz

 (adapted from Do It Gorgeously)

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