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back when I was known as The Dabblist and was exploring all sorts of ways I could create beautiful things with my hands. It was a powerful time for me — awakening my creativity after suppressing it for so long — but this space has since evolved to reflect the woman I’m becoming.

handmade advent calendar

My family wasn't the type to go out and get our holiday tree the day after Thanksgiving. In fact, we had a rule in the house that we couldn't put up holiday decorations until 2 weeks before Christmas and, when that happened, TV was off limits (because they felt the commercials were too aggressive).

But the one thing they did give me was an advent calendar. On December 1st, I would wake up squealing with anticipation of opening the little door marked "1" and see what lovely little drawing was behind. Each day would get better and better as the icons got bigger and more colorful, and my childlike wonder was in full effect.

In these past 10 or so years, the advent calendar had gone missing from my life. So this year, I went ahead and decided that I'd like to create my own - using natural elements around my home. If you have little ones, this is a great way to get them in the holiday spirit while still including appreciation for nature (and not just plastic santa icons and flavorless chocolate candies).

advent calendar close up

The concept is to take some branches of greenery from outside (I used rosemary), and secure them together with wire to form a long branch. Using some string (I used red baker's twine), tie both ends to create a loop to hand it.

Each day of December leading up to the Christmas holiday, attach one little item with the twine. I used glitter dusted pinecones, a white feather, dried apple and dried lemon, cinnamon sticks, and a mini apothecary bottle filled with little pieces of quartz.

There are so many different things you can attach, and it feels magical with each new day and item.

It's simple. It's easy. It's naturally beautiful.

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